Kerala, the tropical backwater-laced state on southern India’s Malabar Coast, is Ayurveda’s original birthplace. Ayurveda – which means ‘life knowledge’ in Sanskrit – taps into 5,000 years of age-old science. Its wisdom is rooted in a lifestyle that champions a holistic, preventative approach to healing, with a focus on the doshas, or constitutional types – vata (air), pitta (fire) and kapha (earth).

The word ‘Ayurveda’, derived from Ayuso Veda, in simple, is the science of health. This discipline is not confined to the health problems and their treatments concerning just human beings but also includes all other living beings such as birds, animals, plants and trees. In short, all issues concerned with health related to veterinary and agricultural sciences are also part of this integrated practice life science.
The practice of Ayurveda has a long past and its roots can be traced back to pre-historic times. The remnants obtained from Harappa and Mohenjodaro include Ayurvedic medicines which reveal that even at the time of Indus Valley civilization (4-3 millennium B.C.) Ayurvedic medicines were in use. References to Ayurveda may also be observed in the ancient Vedas and the Puranas. Among the Vedas it is the Atharvaveda, which gives an exhaustive treatment of Ayurveda. Early inscriptions like those of Ashoka (3rd century B.C.) too indicate the popularity of this medicinal system.

The Tradition in Kerala Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine, has been extremely popular in the southern Indian State of Kerala for centuries. Practitioners of Ayurveda in Kerala continue to be familiar with all its eight main branches-Shalya (surgery), Shalakya (cure of diseases of the eyes, ears, etc. by using shalakas or sharp instruments), Kayachikitsa (cure of diseases affecting the whole body), Bhutavidya (psychotherapy), Kaumarabhritya (pediatrics), Agadatantra (science of antidotes to poisons), and Rasayanatantra (preparation and application of elixirs) . In contemporary Kerala too, all these branches of Ayurveda continue to be popularly employed and the advent of allopathic medicines has not really diminished the popularity of Ayurvedic treatment.

Traditionally, the science of Ayurvedic knowledge was passed on within families or in guru-shishya parampara and therefore, succeeding experts of renowned practitioners may be found in various parts of Kerala. You can try many treatments all over the globe, but for the full-on experience, nothing beats a health-boosting trip to Kerala to fine-tune body, mind and soul. Read on for our pick of five of the best Ayurveda retreats in Kerala. Touring Point offers best traditional Ayurveda Packages .

Popular Ayurveda Packages from Touring Point
Experience Ayurveda treatment packages in Kerala amidst the peaceful ambiance of Kerala. These packages can help address your health problems with personalized treatments, under the supervision of experienced Ayurveda doctors in Kerala tailored to your needs.

Bheshaja means “that which conquers the fear of the disease” in translation. The focus is “Get the patient better” through Suddha Chikitsa, which states that treating one illness shouldn’t lead to another. Discover how Ayurveda can treat a wide range of illnesses, including depression, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, skin conditions, auto-immune diseases, autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome. Our doctor-driven customization guarantees a customized strategy that includes a combination of oil therapies and internal medications. Customized therapeutic packages are created by expert Ayurveda doctors in Kerala, and consist of a combination of oil therapies and internal medications. The treatment of the same disease differs from person to person in Ayurveda because of its basics of individualistic treatment methodology.  Specialities offered may include Panchakarma, Ayurvedic massages, prescription medications for Dosha balance, and advice on dietary and lifestyle changes.

Rasayana: Rejuvenation Package
Rasayana is more than just medication therapy; it’s a complete program that incorporates activities that improve health for people of all ages, from young children to the elderly. Rasayana primarily concentrates on improving nutrition to strengthen body tissues (Dhatu Sara), with the goal of increasing our “health span” and raising our quality of living at every stage of life. Rasayana medications act as high antioxidants. They also affect the neuro-endocrine-immune systems. Rasayana remedies in Ayurveda not only treat illnesses but also encourage a better lifespan. Advantages include sharper memory, intelligence, youth, bright skin, physical well being etc.
Ayurvedic treatment package in Kerala, includes various stages of treatments – Deepana & Pachana (Carminatives & digestive herbs to improve metabolism), Snehana (internal ghees / oils & external oil therapies), Panchakarma therapies to balance vitiated Vata-Pitta-Kapha, Food changes (to balance the metabolism after panchakarma), Rasayana herbs (herbal tonics selected according to the age, body type, health condition).

Shuddhi – Panchakarma Package
Panchakarma comprises five custom therapies designed to address Vata-Pitta-Kapha imbalances. These therapies commence with oil treatments, preparing the body for the subsequent Panchakarma process. The primary goal of our Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment is to entirely eliminate imbalanced Doshas while purifying circulation channels. The selection of Panchakarma is determined by a thorough Dosha analysis, taking into account both indications and contraindications. This therapy serves not only as a curative measure but also as a preventive health maintenance practice, safeguarding against the onset of diseases. Panchakarma is a main part of Ayurvedic treatments which includes:
1. Vasthy therapy for Vata imbalance is the administration of medicines through anal route.
2. Virechana Karma is the therapeutic purgation which is effective in Pitta diseases.
3. Vamana Karma is therapeutic vomiting; people with imbalance of kapha are given Vamana.
4. Nasya is the application of nasal drops.
5. Raktha moksha is a process of removing the vitiated blood.

Kerala’s Ayurvedic practitioners have adapted five oil therapy techniques known as Kerala Panchakarma. These include Dhara kalpam (medicated oil/buttermilk pouring on the head), Pindasweda (herbal compress fomentation), Annalepanam (medicated rice paste application on the body), Kayasekam (oil bath), and Sirolepanam (herbal paste application on the head).
All these world famous Ayurvedic treatment packages are offered by Touring Point in different parts of Kerala , at traditional treatment and authentic ayurvedic wellness centred under the guidance of expert practitioners. Variety of packages to suit the needs of the guest and his wellness needs. In short, Touring Point Ayurveda packages will help you to get back to wholesome health in the ambience of beautiful Kerala. In the most authentic way.